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In vino veritas! Which means in wine lies the truth and we believe in the truth because it shall always set you free.
— Donté J. Young, Founder, Young Estate Winery

Founded in 2019, Young Estate Winery was envisioned and established from our founder’s immense passion for both wine and moments shared with friends and family that become curated memories. Sourced from the beautiful fruit of Napa Valley, Young Estate Winery is an ongoing “passion project” and a developing brand which will debut its first vintage of our founder’s favorite varietal, Cabernet Franc in 2022. As the year’s go on and we plan to release future vintages and additional varietals, our vision is to establish a wine experience in the Napa Valley that is both indicative our founder’s heritage and as soulful as the life he lives. In the meantime, we will continue to develop our staff, vintner partners, and winemaker to provide you some of the finest wine offerings from the Young Estate Winery. Stay up to date with us via social media in the meantime and remember to not only drink responsibly but drink fashionably and to do it all for the GRAM. Cheers {clink, clink}

Young, Bold, and Proud. Young Estate Winery founded as the first black and openly gay owned winery in the Napa Valley. #DrinkProudly
— Donté J. Young, Founder, Young Estate Winery

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