The Young Companies delivers quality products and services to today’s viewers, customers, clients, and partners. What unites our Company is a commitment to excellence and innovation across all of our businesses lines: The Young Holdings Company, The Young Consulting Group, our health and beauty company, Young Estate Winery and our emerging Young Bespoke operations.

Find what you’d die for and live for it.
— Donté J. Young, Founder and President, The Young Companies

The Young consultING group

The Young Consulting Group is a group of dedicated professionals doing what we do best, “Making the Unknown, Known.” Founded with a continued passion for serving select clients and companies from the sale of our founder’s former company, FinMarc Ventures, The Young Companies brings together nearly two decades of marketing, advertising, public relations, and social strategy to businesses and individuals from various sectors across the globe. To inquire further about our services and how we can help you grow, click below.


young holdings company

As the Great B.I.G. said, “It was all a dream” and that dream became both rooted and founded in the fruit of the Big Apple. Before there was a GothamPR, a FinMarc Ventures, and now The Young Companies; there was a dream that launched a successful real estate marketing career and investment firm. That firm grew to new opportunities beyond real estate, but as with any business, our foundation has and will always be rooted in our real estate holdings which we now lend to various business and client projects.


proudd 501c3 non-profit organization

PROUDD™ is a registered 501c3 Non-profit organization founded by our President and Founder, Donté J. Young. Established to “Provide Resources of Unity, Development, and Diversity” to conduct, support, research and develop critical services in the areas of mental health, domestic violence and abuse, behavioral health, economic and social shaming for all youths, adults, transgender, transsexual or members of the LGBTQ community. For more information on how you can become involved and/support, click below.


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